Negative gearing: what the proposed reforms mean for first-home buyers
BOTH sides of politics are working on bold economic reforms that could help first home buyers enter the property market.
The Federal Government and the Opposition are each looking at major shake-ups to negative gearing — the practice that allows investors to offset losses on investment properties against their taxable income, in order to gain a tax break.
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Locals buy up empty houses to create homes and jobs
Driving into Goldthorpe, at first glance the Barnsley village looks typical of any English community: a small high street runs through the centre, with rows of red-brick terrace houses leading off. But the dilapidation quickly becomes apparent: the Co-operative supermarket has shut down and lies empty; no banks remain; boarded-up houses and shops disfigure every street, like missing teeth.
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You couldn’t ask for a clearer chart showing that negative interest rates fuel property bubbles
You can’t find a clearer warning that ultra-low, zero, or negative interest rates fuel bubbles in the property market. Rates go down, house prices go up. Low interest rates let consumers borrow mortgage money at ultra-low rates. That increases the amount of debt those consumers hold, but because the money is in the form of mortgage loans it drives demand for houses and pushes property prices upward.
The fear is that if Sweden ever reverses course and increases interest rates — or if a recession hits — then all of that goes into reverse, with disastrous consequences for the Swedes. Imagine an entire country trying to pay down its debt and sell its houses in order to raise cash, all at the same time.
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Blood and Real Estate: O.J. Simpson, Murder, and Property Values
Twenty-one years after the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, O.J. Simpson and that infamous glove that does not fit are in the spotlight again, with a new TV miniseries on FX: “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.”
While many people will find themselves captivated again by the story’s unforgettable fusion of celebrity, slaughter, and late 20th-century racial tensions—or by the freakish spectacle of famous actors (Cuba Gooding Jr. as O.J.!John Travolta as lawyer Robert Shapiro!)playing the tale’s highly recognizable main characters—we have other things on our mind.
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Baroness Thatcher’s former Belgravia home is for sale for £30 million
The former Belgravia home of Baroness Thatcher has been listed for sale for £30 million. The white stucco townhouse in Chester Square has been put on the market after a multi-million pound refurbishment.
In 1991, the former prime minster and her husband Denis are said to have paid the Duke of Westminster £700,000 for a 10-year lease for the five-storey house, and this was renewed in 2001.
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